Some of our recommendations are:

We leave you several guides of the activities in the province of Castellón

See the guide of Castellón

See the Heritage guide of Castellón

Visits to picturesque villages in the area

Culla, Benassal, Ares del Maestrat, Morella, Vilafamés, Sant Mateu, Xodos, and El Mastrazgo of Teruel: Iglesuela, Cantavieja, Mirambel, Mosqueruela... we give you: the map and the information

Visits to wineries in the area

Bodegas Flors, Bodegas Mas de Rander and Bodegas Clos d'Esgarracordes.

Visits to the cheese factories in the area

Quesería Tot de Poble, Els Masets, and Quesos de Catí.

Visit the Parc Miner of Maestrat

Know more about The Parc Miner of Maestrat.

Visit the Ermitori of Sant Pau

With its famous "grisalles" (murals of the sixteenth century). Know more about

Visit Culla

Do not miss the monumental "Carrasca de Culla", one of the oldest trees in the province of Castellón.

See the map of Culla, information about Culla and about templar territory of Culla.

Visit Mas de la Mezquita

An old farmhouse recently restored, where you can go back in time and learn about life in a Masía del Maestrazgo, where you can also do tastings of local products and visit the almond fields in its surroundings. Know more

Visit the Museum of Valltorta

A World Heritage Museum with the largest concentration of cave paintings in the Spanish Levant. Know more about

Hiking and hiking trails

Here are some routes and excursions you can do in the area: Route of Barranc dels Horts, route Roca Peñacalva, route circular de La Mola, route Tossal de Lom, route of Bobalar, route dels gravats, route Peñagolosa, route Font D'Oli route Serra Galceran.

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