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Activities and routes
Aldea Roqueta

El Maestrazgo is a geographical space with an enormous landscape, architectural, gastronomic and historical wealth. Here, it is difficult not to find activities that can be interesting for all kinds of people. 

We summarize some of the best known or interesting:

• Visits to picturesque towns: Morella, Vilafamés, Ares del Maestre, La Iglesuela, Cantavieja, Mirambel, Vistabella del Maestrazgo, Xodos ...
• Visits to wineries in the area: Bodegas Flors, Bodegas Mas de Rander ...
• Visits to artisan cheese factories such as Tot de Poble (Les Coves de Vinromá), Dels Masets, and the Catí Cheese Cooperative.
• Visit to “Espai d’Art Coll Blanc”, contemporary art gallery.
• Visit to the Maestrat Miner Park: Maestrat Miner Park
• Visit Ermitori de Sant Pau, with its famous "grisailles" (16th century wall paintings).
• Visit to the Town of Culla (our capital) and the “Carrasca de Culla”: Magic and Medieval Culla
• Visit the Museu de la Valltorta, a World Heritage Site with the highest concentration of cave paintings in the Spanish Levant: Valtorta
• Hiking routes for different levels such as the "Barranc dels Horts", the "Circular de la Mola" route of the Serra d'Engalcerán, the Penyagolosa route, the Peñacalva route in Culla ..

We can facilitate many of these activities from the hotel whenever they are requested (for some it is not necessary). We will be happy to talk with you to find out what interests you the most and to help you.